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P Ghimire, Motamedi‡, RI Joh‡, Role of multiple pericentromeric repeats on heterochromatin assembly (doi:

  ‡ Correspondion author

RI Joh‡, MJ Aryee, M Lawrence, M Motamedi‡, Gene clustering drives co-regulation of disparate biological pathways in eukaryotes (doi:

  ‡ Correspondion author

RI Joh, JS Khanduja, IA Calvo, M Mistry, CM Palmieri, AJ Savol, SJH Sui, R Sadreyev, MJ Aryee, M Motamedi, Survival in quiescence requires the euchromatic deployment of Clr4/SUV39H by Argonaute-associated small RNAs, Molecular Cell, 2016, 64(6), 1088-1101

Boston Magazine Jan 24 2017

JS Khanduja†, IA Calvo†, RI Joh†, IT Hill, M Motamedi, Nuclear noncoding RNAs and genome stability, Molecular Cell, 2016, 63(1), 7-20

† Equal contribution

† Equal contribution

RI Joh, CM Palmieri, IT Hill, M Motamedi, Regulation of histone methylation by noncoding RNAs, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 2014, 1839(12), 1385-1394

RI Joh, RM Hoekstra, EJ Barzilay, A Bowen, ED Mintz, H Weiss, JS Weitz, Dynamics of Shigellosis epidemics: estimating individual-level transmission and reporting rates from national epidemiologic data sets, American Journal of Epidemiology, 2013, 178(8), 1319-1326

Honorable Mention, Applied Category, 2014 CDC/ATSDR Statistical Science Award


RI Joh‡, H Wang, H Weiss, JS Weitz, Dynamics of indirectly transmitted infectious diseases with immunological threshold, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2008, 71(4), 845-862 

‡ Corresponding author

Y Mileyko, RI Joh, JS Weitz, Small-scale copy number variation and large-scale changes in gene expression, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2008, 105(43), 16659-16664

JS Weitz, Y Mileyko, RI Joh, EO Voit, Collective decision making in bacterial viruses, Biophysical Journal, 2008, 95(6), 2673-2680

Research Highlights: Nature (2008) 454: 256

Research Horizons (2008) 25(3): 6-19
Georgia Tech Research News Sep 15 2008

Chen N, Gabriel G, Ghose S, Lin B, Langenbucher A, Webb J, Bhanot H, Abt NB, Lin D, Varvares M, Sattler M, Elgoff AM, Joh RI, Uppaluri R, Emerick KS, Lawrence MS, Saladi SV, YAP1 maintains active chromatin state in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas that promote tumorigenesis through cooperation with BRD4, Cell Reports, 2022, 39(11), 11970-83

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